Is There A Cure For The Winter Time Blues?

By Thomas Clarke

During arctic wintry months, anybody could conceive of packing a speedy traveling bag and stimulating a wild bolt to any hot and sunshiny place. Crisp, soaked, breezy wintertime months can turn irksome and could get an individual down as well as make them blue. When you are blue and down, it is difficult to focus as well as difficult to complete your work tasks properly (if at all).

Therefore what can be the remedy for those winter blues? It essential needs to be a prompt escape to a warmed and sunny destination. It may represent the beach or an island or in truth anyplace warm and sunny. It should preferably be someplace with sunshine as well as a great deal of water to cool down. Pack your sunscreen as well as your vintage Wayfarer shades and get geared up to unwind and experience a lot of play in the sun. Only remember to sit back on your escape; you do not want to arrive home more spent than when you departed.

A good rule of thumb is to give yourself an extra day when you get back into town, that way you have a full day to acclimate yourself back to normal living. The shock of going back to work and school the day after your back from an awesome vacation can be too much for some people; it can make you feel worse than before you left.

Now, how do you begin planning this escape? Well, you grab your laptop or get onto your desktop and start looking into destinations, airfares and accommodations. Expedia is an excellent site to utilize since you can make all your arrangement through them, and save money as well. There is no need to make call after call to find an available flight, hotel room or even car rental, it can all be done in the comfort of your home, without ever speaking to anyone but the people you are escaping with.

You can fly down to south Florida, maybe take a swing down through the Keys and check out some of the brilliant sunsets in Key West. Or, you can fly to Mexico and spend some time in Acapulco and soak up the rays in that new bikini. Just make sure to use the sunscreen, you are going to be very pale from being covered up all winter and you don't want to burn. - 31980

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Florida- The Vacation Destination Fun Year Round Fun In The Sun

By Thomas Clarke

Taking a trip down to Florida gives you a whole bunch of choices in things to do and places to go. Florida is chock full of good places to see and fun things to do. It is the Sunshine State and has plenty of it for everyone. Just remember to take along your sun block.

Florida is a popular tourist destination because of the variety of attractions and natural wonders. Of course, the state is completely surrounded by water and for that reason alone makes it a very attractive destination. If you love the beach and love the sand, you will love just about any place you visit.

Because it is surrounded by water and has hundreds of miles of coast line, water sports and boating is very popular. You can go to about any beach and rent a jet ski or take a parasail ride or go snorkeling or scuba diving. I like finding a shady spot, breaking out a good book and burying my feet in the sand all the way down to the cooler depths below. You could probably spend the entire vacation sitting on the beach and watching the passer bys. People watching is almost a sport unto itself.

Along with the beaches, Florida is crisscrossed with rivers and spotted with many fresh water lakes. Boating and canoeing down the lakes is a wonderful way to pass a lazy summer day. Floating down the river on an inner tube is an even better way to spend a lazy summer day. Along with all the natural outdoor things to do, there are plenty of man made, highly interactive attractions. The state is filled with theme parks, many of them known worldwide. Of course there is Disney World and Sea World, but there are some smaller parks and water theme parks open almost all year round.

Florida has so much to offer, it is no wonder that millions of visitors come here each year. It is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, a family trip, spring break with your buddies or even a women (or mans) getaway! - 31980

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Top Vacation Sights In The United States

By Thomas Clarke

When traveling around the country, trying to see all of the great natural and manmade wonders that the US has to offer, South Dakota and Mount Rushmore is certainly at the top of the list. While your choices are vast and the places to visit are varied, there is something special about seeing the sculpted faces of those great presidents staring down from the mountain. Along with certain monuments in Washington D.C. this is a US historic monument that should be visited if possible.

There are a few other man made objects that everyone should visit. The arch in St. Louis is one of those places that you should visit, along with the Empire State Building in New York and the Statue of Liberty. These places are all must sees, but there are some others.

The launch pad at Cape Canaveral and a Space Shuttle launch is an amazing experience to see in person. There is just something about feeling the roar of the huge engines as it hurtles towards space. A day launch is cool, but seeing a launch that lights up the night or early morning sky is even cooler.

There are so many cool places to visit and experience, but there is something special about Rushmore. Work on the sculpture started in 1927 and was not completed until 1941. The estimated cost of the project was just under one million dollars and over 400 tons of rock was removed for the sculpture. Every year, according to the national park service, over three million visitors move through the park and marvel at the feat. The park is located in the famous Black Hills of South Dakota and there are plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to experience.

There are coordinated events for travelers and if you sign on ahead of time and your application is admitted, your scout group can take part in the flag bringing up ceremony in front of the monument. Several outdoor activities are obtainable from hiking up and sportfishing as well as camping out in the camping site field. It's an excellent educational experience and is genuinely a vision to lay eyes on as well as adds a feel of marvel and awe to youngsters and grownups of every age. It's a part of America and American history that ought be witnessed by all Americans. - 31980

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Internet Vs. Travel Agent: Which Is The Best Way To Plan Your Holiday

By Thomas Clarke

Assembling a spur of the moment vacation cab be quite a challenge, and if it weren't for the internet, would just about be inconceivable. The internet, may be considered negative to many individuals, however it does offer many benefits for those last minute details of your trip. Take a moment to think about every long distance phone call you will have to make, as well as calls to operators for business numbers. Then think about all the individuals You will be required to converse with before are able to reserve a suitable accommodation and a flight to your vacation destination.

Lets say you were going to take a commercial airline to your destination, you would first need to make numerous phone call to all the major airline, as a means of finding flight times and travel costs of each individual flight as well as what flights were still available. This would also need to be done in order to find a hotel room for when you finally arrive at your vacation destination. If you were planning to visit New York City, this would require you to get the telephone numbers for all the hotels in the area that you are looking to stay in. This would also mean that you will have to refer to a map of the area so that you can determine if the accommodations are actually in the area you are looking for. Once you have found the hotels in your desired area, you will then need to make phone calls to each of these hotels and check on cost as well as availability.

In order to avoid all the hassle of making phone call, without utilizing the internet, is to contact a travel agent and have them do all the leg work for you. The problem with hiring a travel agent, although very convenient, is that they often get kick backs from certain airline and hotels. This means that you can never be certain you have gotten the best price for all your travel arrangements. After all, a travel agent doesn't care about saving you a few hundred dollars if the company does not offer them kick backs. Instead they will book you with the airline or hotel that will give them the highest return.

When you want to find the best prices, without having to make hours and hours of phone calls, the internet is the only way to go. You can research anything related to your trip and you will have all the information right at your fingertips. Many unemployed travel agents blame their demise on the internet, and they are just in doing so.

Need a hotel room? Check it out online. Need a flight? Check it out online. Need to rent a car? Again, check it online and find almost everything you need to plan that last minute getaway to the beach or the island or the mountains. Where ever you want to go, the information and ability to make the plans are only a few clicks away at any given moment. Get clicking. - 31980

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Places Of Interest In Wyoming

By Thomas Clarke

Taking a trip to the great sights that the US has to offer must include at least one visit to Yellowstone National Park. It is Yellowstone, not Jellystone like on the old Yogi Bear cartoons would have had a generation of kids believing.

Yellowstone is among the nation's grandest and most visited national forests. Located in the distant state of Wyoming, it actually is as though you have stepped back in time to visit the old west and of the plains of America centuries ago. Virtually all of the park is at higher altitudes, preceding seven thousand feet and is frigid in wintertime and warm in the summertime.

During the winter months Yellowstone National Park is the coldest and is covered in snow most of the time. If you are visiting in the winter you should be aware that many of the areas can become isolated and most of the roads will be closed. There are many activities for an outdoor lover to enjoy, from hiking and fishing to camping and explorations. You will have the opportunity to see native animals in there natural habitats, such as elk, bears and wolves. You can also decide to rough it in a tent and camp out for the evening or you can choose from one of the most wonderful accommodations.

Yellowstone National Park is a large park with several square miles to explore. While you are out exploring you will want to be sure to visit Old Faithful, the world's most famous geyser, among plenty of other geysers and hot springs that you will want to take the time to visit. Along with camping out, hiking, fishing and exploring, there are a lot displays around the park that teach of its history, some wildlife and some human history. Native populations used to reside in what is now the National park and you will be able to learn all about the native animal and plant life of the area. You will be able to explore the park on your own or join in many of the guided ranger tours for a more in depth and personal experience.

Just remember, where ever you are in the park and whatever wild animals you come across, the rangers do not want visitors to feed them. It is dangerous for not only the guest, but is not the right type of food and habits for the animals to get into. Yellowstone is a natural wonder that we should be thankful was set aside for all the generations since its inception and all the generations yet to come will be able to enjoy. - 31980

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Visiting Canada Makes Wonderful Vacation Memories

By Thomas Clarke

When vacationer consider traveling abroad, those in the United States never seem to think about Canada as one of those destinations. Although the United States and Canada have many similarities, Canada has much to offer a world traveler. There is a vast country to explore, although most of the population lives withing a hundred miles of the United States border.

Although many feel that there is not much to see and do in Canada, this could not be further from the truth. Canada has everything from small country towns to large metropolitan cities. If you are looking for tropical sandy beaches and lot of good surf, this is not the destination for you. However, if you are looking for natural beauty then this is the perfect location. One of these natural beauty wonders is Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a breathtaking place, full of wonderfully romantic waterfalls. It is such a beautiful place that it is very popular among Honeymooners. Many people consider the Falls as to touristy an area, however it is one place that you need to witness in your lifetime. No matter what age you visit it is something that you will remember always.

Canada is littered with amazing natural beauty. For people that love the beauty and ruggedness of the outdoors, it really is a perfect place to visit. Canada has a lot of cattle and grazing lands. In fact, the mountainous area of the west is a lot like the old west of the US. There are still many cattle ranches and cowboy hats to go around.

There are plenty of activities to go along with the beautiful scenery. There is mountain climbing and kicking and biking. You can go white water rafting and thousands of people visit each year to hunt and fish the unspoiled wilderness of the north. If the outdoors isn't your thing, the cities of the southern country are perfect. They offer everything the big cities of the US have to offer, but with a different feel and flavor.

From Toronto to Vancouver, there are plenty of great destinations. Visit Quebec and you will feel like you are visiting France on a European vacation. They offer professional sports teams and plenty of entertainment. For people that are thinking about going on a vacation and visiting countries around the world, there is no better place to start than with the country just north of you. You will need a passport, but you can take your own car and travel at your own leisure seeing the sites of this beautiful country. - 31980

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Florida-More Than Great Beaches

By Thomas Clarke

The beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico can be accessed at many points along the Gulf Coast. Florida is one long beach around the entire peninsula. About the only places that don't have great beaches are the island keys. It seems a little weird, but the keys are not the best beach destinations but they are great for other water sports and activities. Fishing, skiing, the traditional way and the jet version, scuba diving and sailing are all great activities while in the keys. The water is beautiful and the weather is warm and inviting.

Make sure to visit Key West and stand at the southern most point in the US and visit the Hemingway house to see all the freaky six toed cats wandering around. The other beaches in Florida are some of the best in the country. On the Atlantic side you have great destinations like the always hot and beautiful Miami Beach. Farther north there is Cocoa Beach which has the world famous Ron Jon store that is open 24/7. It is a tourist destination, but is still fun to visit. The beach is great for body surfing and surfing as well as just laying in the warm Florida sun.

Although the beaches are great, Florida also has many other great attractions. To start with you have Disney and other themed parks located in or around the Orlando area. On the east coast you can visit Daytona Beach then across the state along the Gulf of Mexico coast is Tampa and Clearwater. Both are great places for families, couples and friends.

Tampa is a fun city with plenty to do, for fine dining and sporting events, to world famous theme parks like Busch Gardens. Across the bridge is the Clearwater/ St. Petersburg area. Clearwater has one of the finest beaches in the whole state, with tons of white sand and plenty of sun and fun. There is so much to do there, that you might need more than a week to do it all.

South of St. Petersburg is Sarasota and Ft. Myers. There are so many great seafood restaurants and Sarasota is a hot spot for the artist scene in Florida boasting one of the biggest collections of fine art at the Ringling Museum. North Florida, around the panhandle and along the Gulf coast towards Alabama boasts its own set of beaches and attractions and could be its own vacation. - 31980

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